Season 8
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Episode 801
Bring in the colorful harvest on a Florida blueberry farm. Pass the salt and learn about the history of popcorn. Cook up some unique asparagus recipes with Sharon Vaknin and climb to new heights at a New Orleans rooftop farm.

Episode 802
Saddle up for a California cattle roundup. Haul in the heads at an Arizona lettuce farm. Take our quiz to learn more about crop rotation. Join Nevada sheep ranchers in preventing open range grass fires and sample Kentucky’s unique bourbon soy sauce.

Episode 803
Head south for an H2O harvest of crawfish in Louisiana. Sample some exotic recipes made with Belgian endive. Join the search as “working dogs” look for dangerous plant pests and celebrate a special anniversary as an Ohio farm family marks two hundred years of working their land.

Episode 804
Head for the school room to see how Wisconsin’s “Farm to Fork” program benefits students. Explore the science behind Arizona’s plan to turn algae into livestock feed. Join the trek to California’s asparagus fields…just in time for the harvest. Serve yourself to a helping of history on sweet potatoes.

Episode 805
Take to the waters of Chesapeake Bay for a harvest of oysters. Open a carton of milk from an Ohio heritage dairy. Test your kitchen skills on some unusual beef recipes and sample the artwork created by farmer artists in California.

Episode 806
Hitch up the team for an Arizona draft horse vacation. Log on to the blog of a Virginia farm family that champions agriculture. Test you agriculture knowledge - just what is “gluten free”? Join a Kentucky sheep roundup for one of a kind wool creations.

Episode 807
Travel back in time to Kentucky land that’s been farmed by the same family for more than 200 years. Examine the science behind the effort to develop America’s best looking lawns. Take you pick of some great apricot recipes and join Louisiana trackers on the hunt for feral hogs destroying farmland.

Episode 808
Bring in a colorful harvest of irises with a California farm family. Visit the farm that has been one of the country's top corn producers every year since 2000. Sample a unique vintage of wine from Wyoming and join some New Mexico residents bringing the produce from an Albuquerque urban farm.

Episode 809
Haul in a harvest of tall timber in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Learn how to cook up some unusual blueberry recipes. Discover how the internet helped four young ladies begin farming and travel to Arizona where one farm specializes in raising cactus.

Episode 810
Travel to the Brunkow Farm in Kansas for a dawn to dusk look at the challenges faced by a modern day farm family. Dealing with the grip of a difficult drought, Glenn Brunkow, his wife, Jennifer and their children, Isaac and Tatum raise cattle and row crops.

Special: Thanksgiving Webisode
Thanksgiving is a time when we focus on family, community, and food. So, we wanted to share some stories from our current season of America's Heartland that touch on all of these.

Episode 811
Saddle up to see how Florida ranchers are saving a historic breed of cattle. Make your choices of popular produce at Alabama’s oldest farmers market. Test a new recipe for sweet and spicy corn fritters and discover how a farm school in New Mexico is helping residents in one economically disadvantaged community.

Episode 812
Take to the range in Wyoming where goats are essential to a cattle ranching operation. Haul in a sweet harvest of sugarcane in Louisiana. Travel back in time to find out about George Washington, the farmer and discover why Bok Choy should be a vegetable on your dinner table.

Episode 813
Choose the fast talking winners at America’s cattle auctioneer championships. Bring in a sweet harvest of Alabama watermelons. Discover why grains are playing a growing role in your diet and cook up some unusual recipes using bright red tomatoes.

Episode 814
The two top states for dairy production in the U.S. are California and Wisconsin. Both churn out more cheese, milk and butter than most countries around the world. And the battle for supremacy continues between the states. Which makes the better cheese? Which produces more milk? In this special episode we look at the similarities and differences in dairy farming in the states. We also explore how artisan cheese making has reinvigorated some dairy producers in both states.

Episode 815
See how a bad drought meant good news for a Wyoming farmer hauling in a harvest of high protein wheat. A Wisconsin dairy divides its herd to meet customer demands for traditional and organic milk products.And we take you from farm to fork to spice up some recipes for green beans.

Episode 816
Saddle up for a rodeo riding school in Montana. Visit a California farm community pulling together to save pollinating honeybees. An Arkansas rancher rounds up a large and growing herd of buffalo.

Episode 817
Take in a tart harvest of cranberries from a historic New England farm. Answer the question: Which is best, canned, frozen or fresh? One woman finds success with an exotic mushroom farm in the heart of one California city.

Episode 818
Meet some classy cowgirls working to change the impression of women in rural communities. Ride along with one woman rancher hanging tough with the cowboys on her New Mexico ranch. Photographers highlight the western look at a ranching fashion shoot.

Episode 819
Find out why some strange hen houses are key to improving poultry production for one New Mexico farmer. Haul in a catch of unusual fish recipes. Take to the field to see how California rice farmers are providing picture perfect opportunities for bird watchers.

Episode 820
Travel to Montana for a one of a kind sheep roundup. Head for the orchard and apple harvest time at one historic New England farm. Discover how one farmer’s soybeans are destined for products in your home.

Episode 821
Fans of antique tractors gather to see them action once again. Discover how gluten free affects your diet and your health. Sharon Vaknin serves up some very special walnut recipes. Harvest some very hot chiles at one Arizona farm. Find out why sweet means different things when it comes to sugar.

Episode 822
Meet a Montana family finding success by combining farming and fishing. Haul in the harvest with an Arkansas family with a passion for exceptional produce. Meet a Wyoming family working hard to preserve a ranch that's been in their family for generations. Take to the ocean for a New England program that delivers seafood direct to consumers.