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Season 16 | Episode 9

Head south to visit a century-old South Carolina family peach farm. Cranberries are harvested in Massachusetts. Making maple syrup in Vermont, and new consumers find CA strawberries.


Coconut Curry Dish

Try out some of our favorite recipes featuring fresh ingredients grown throughout the Heartland! Join our cooking expert and host on dozens of new culinary adventures in Farm to Fork with Sharon Profis.

Explore American Agriculture

Harvesting Knowledge: Tomatoes

Harvesting Knowledge

Discover the sometimes-ancient origins of some of our favorite foods – where they came from and how some arrived in North America. Plus, we’ll learn some myths and facts about their benefits.

Shot of a young farmer walking between beds of herbs on his farm

Working the Land

Interested in a career in agriculture? Meet some of the people who make their living bringing food, fuel, and fiber to the nation and the world. Discover how technology, science, and innovation plays a huge part in many exciting ag careers that you can pursue.

Variety of raw food on rustic wooden table

Fast Facts About Food

Much of what American farmers grow is very good for you! Discover the nutritional benefits of many ag products we serve our families.

Off The Shelf 6

Off the Shelf

Join Jason Shoultz as he roams grocery store aisles selecting a wide array of fresh products to learn how they’re made and offered to consumers.

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