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Grilled Ham and Swiss with Whole Grain Mustard
During Paul Ryan’s past life as a travel reporter, he found himself in all sorts of exotic places eating foods as unusual as grubs in the Australian outback, wild game in Africa, and unidentifiable dishes from other far-flung corners of the globe. All he and his camera crew would want after being away from home for weeks were the simple tastes and pleasures of a good American hamburger or plain old grilled cheese sandwich.

Try this slightly souped-up version made with ham and the subtle nutty flavor of Swiss cheese.

Per sandwich:
Two slices rye or sourdough bread (not cut too thickly or the cheese won’t melt enough)
One thin slice of a big red tomato like a Beefsteak variety
Two thin slices of good quality ham, like Black Forest or Italian proscuitto
Two thin slices of Swiss cheese
Substitute cooked slices of bacon or thinly-sliced turkey for the ham, if you like.

Place slices of ham, then tomato (make sure it’s dried off so it’s not watery), then cheese over one slice of bread. Cover with the other and grill the sandwich over medium heat in melted butter.

Slice at a diagonal and serve with whole grain mustard dipping sauce. You can mix the mustard with mayonnaise to smooth out the texture and throw in some creamy horseradish for extra zip. The fiery taste of the mustard sauce and smoky, nutty flavor of the sandwich go well with sweet gherkins or bread and butter pickles.