Interested in a career in agriculture? Meet some of the people who make their living bringing food, fuel, and fiber to the nation and the world. Discover how technology, science, and innovation plays a huge part in many exciting ag careers that you can pursue.

Special Video Segments


Randy Oliver, commercial beekeeper.

Water and Crop Management Specialist

Large Animal Veterinarian

Nancy Martin, Veterinarian
University of California, Davis

Biometeorology Specialist

Rick Snyder, Biometeorologist
University of California, Davis

Rick’s job is to work with biology and atmosheric science to explore how they relate together.

Fiber Science Specialist

Danita Cook, Fiber Scientist
University of California, Davis

Textiles are everywhere you look. Anything that is fiberous is considered a textile. Fiber, including wool, cotton, silk, and hemp all come from agriculture.

Food Safety Specialist

Kathie Griley, Food Safety Specialist
University of California, Davis.

Teaching food safety to future culinarians.

Fish Biologist

Lisa Thompson, Fish Biologist
University of California, Davis

As a fish biologist, Lisa Thompson’s main job is to do field research and also work with the public to educate them about fish issues.

University Plant Scientist

Kent Bradford, Plant Scientist
University of California, Davis

Kent Bradford’s work involves seed biology and seed production related to improving crop varieties for the production of agriculture.


As a horticulturist, Ellen Zagory’s job is primarily to know plants – to know the names of plants, understand how they grow, and observe their characteristics.

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