Season 5
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Episode 501
Reporter Jason Shoultz visits the Adams Cattle Ranch in Florida where the family patriarch, 82 year old Bud Adams, is celebrated for his wildlife photographs as well as his prime cattle. Reporter Sarah Gardner visits an unusual farming operation in Ohio where state prison inmates play a major role in bringing crops and cattle to market. Reporter Akiba Howard visits a century old citrus operation in California’s central valley where four generations harvest citrus from 125 thousand trees! Reporter Yolanda Vazquez takes us to Tennessee where a hobby that started with raising goats has now turned into an award winning artisanal cheese business.

Episode 502
Reporter Rob Stewart visits two family sugaring operations in New England where sap from thousands of trees is turned into award winning maple syrup. Reporter John Lobertini goes along on a huge sheep drive in the wilds of Arizona, one of the last of its kind in the nation. Reporter Jason Shoultz visits a grain and milling operation in Oregon that’s been run by one family for more than 150 years. Reporter Sarah Gardner takes us to Malabar Farm in Ohio. It’s an historic farming operation with a tie to Hollywood as Bogart and Bacall came here for their marriage and honeymoon.

Episode 503
Reporter Yolanda Vazquez heads for a Tennessee dairy farm where family members found a unique way to face the challenges from changing markets and urban encroachment. Reporter Jason Shoultz finds a Florida couple who discovered their future was in flowers, part of a 17 billion dollar floriculture market in the United States. Reporter Sarah Gardner heads for Arkansas where an award winning multigenerational farm family brings in their crop of winter wheat and makes some changes to keep the family farm alive. Reporter John Lobertini finds a young Arizona couple who gave up city life to start a pecan farm in Willcox, Arizona.

Episode 504
Reporter Jason Shoultz examines how a new plant disease called “Citrus Greening” threatens to devastate citrus growers across the country. Reporter Sarah Gardner heads out to roundup some Texas Longhorns. But these cattle aren't found in the wide open spaces of the American West, but in the rolling hills of southeast Ohio. Reporter Rob Stewart finds a school in Massachusetts where novices to farming can learn how to make a living on the land. Reporter Yolanda Vazquez finds an Arkansas couple whose unique sweet potato business has earned them customers worldwide.

Episode 505
Reporter Jason Shoultz finds a family cattle ranch in Colorado where the 20 thousand acres are overseen by a young woman rancher. Reporter Sarah Gardner discovers an Arkansas family who took on the challenge of developing a new kind of rice that's found favor with customers in Japan. Reporter Rob Stewart heads for Lucy's Sheep Camp in Wyoming where a young woman farmer uses the wool she raises to create unique woolen garments. Reporter John Lobertini finds a very unusual ranching operation in Utah. This rancher has horses, cattle and ZEBRAS!

Episode 506
Reporter Rob Stewart heads for the Big Sky country of Montana and the Padlock Cattle Ranch. It’s a huge ranching operation that also welcomes tourists. Reporter Yolanda Vazquez is in Tennessee where an award winning farm family works together to bring in a harvest of hay. Reporter Jason Shoultz travels to the community where Oregon’s famous Tillamook cheese is made. He discovers that while dairy is king in this neighborhood, a lot of youngsters still don’t know much about farming. Reporter John Lobertini discovers an “underground” harvest in a Utah Salt Mine.

Episode 507
Reporter Jason Shoultz has the inspiring story of a Colorado rural community that rallied to save the town’s grocery store. Reporter Sarah Gardner visits an Arkansas community where harvesting fish is a key industry - hundreds of miles from the ocean. Reporter Yolanda Vazquez meets a Tennessee couple who decided their future lay in raising large Clydesdale horses. Reporter Rob Stewart talks with a young man who plans to one day return to the family farm.

Episode 508
Reporter John Lobertini takes us to meet a Utah ranching family where sheep, snowmobiles and horses are part of a family operation that’s been honored for protecting the environment. Reporter Akiba Howard visits a Nebraska farm where a young couple has decided to make their future on the land. Reporter Sarah Gardner discovers that a "better chicken" comes from research that ultimately affects dinner on your table. Reporter Rob Stewart finds a New England company bringing the past to life in restoring America’s historic barns.

Episode 509
Reporter Jason Shoultz finds out how some states are handling an old problem in new ways...dealing with cattle rustlers! Reporter Sarah Gardner discovers an Ohio family farm where generations pull together to plant their corn crop. Reporter Rob Stewart visits Pennsylvania's Burpee Seed Company to see how crops get their start. Reporter Akiba Howard finds a rural community in Nebraska where residents say you can find the best in their "wurst".

Episode 510
Reporter Sarah Gardner visits Jewel and Ty Murray at their Texas cattle ranch. Reporter Yolanda Vazquez discovers a farm in Delaware that has been in the family for 200 years. Reporter Rob Stewart gets a taste of the sweet life at a Montana sugar beet farm. Reporter John Lobertini finds a Missouri breadmaker paying homage to heartland wheat.

Episode 511
Reporters Jason Shoultz and Sarah Gardner uncover all things Texas as they meet with baseball legend and rancher Nolan Ryan, find out how feral pigs are adversely affecting farm operations in the Lone Star State, and discover some unique farming operations facing challenges found in that part of the country.

Episode 512
Reporter Akiba Howard finds farmers using "Twitter" technology to spread the word on agriculture. Reporter Sarah Gardner discovers how research on consumer trends affects the foods you find in the supermarket. Reporter Yolanda Vazquez takes us to a Virginia farm where specialty produce meets consumer needs. Reporter John Lobertini takes us to a Kansas farm where the family uses agri-entertainment to teach city folks about farming.

Episode 513
Reporter Rob Stewart visits an inner city high school where the focus is all about farming. Yolanda Vazquez discovers a harvest from the sea at a Maryland Shrimp farming operation. Reporter Jason Shoultz finds some farmers doing it "old school" and going back to draft horses to handle their field work. Akiba Howard heads for Nebraska where one farmer whose agricultural efforts feed the soul as well as the body.

Episode 514
On this special episode, we see how Heartland food products figure in our vacation plans. Reporter Sarah Gardner sets sail on a Carnival cruise where food is as much an attraction as the scenery. Jason Shoultz takes us to a flight kitchen where millions of meals are prepared to enjoy Bon Appetit at 30 thousand feet. Akiba Howard jumps on board an Amtrak train from Los Angeles to Seattle and discovers heartland products on rail.

Episode 515
Reporter Sarah Gardner discovers how an Ohio State University professor addresses animal welfare for consumers and farmers. African American vintners in California expand their offerings as they tap new wine markets. John Lobertini heads for Maine where the state's biggest harvest is timber. Reporter Yolanda Vazquez takes us to Delaware and a produce farm that can't keep up with customer demand.

Episode 516
Reporter John Lobertini takes us to Kansas where a ranching family markets an unusual brand of cattle. Jason Shoultz meets a Georgia farmer whose work puts produce on a significant number of tables in America. Sarah Gardner heads for Michigan and a family farming operation that gives city kids a view of country life. Rob Stewart takes us to California where rescued Mustang horses give city folks a connection to the country.

Episode 517
John Lobertini discovers that harvesting lobsters from the waters off the coast of Maine requires some special talents. Rob Stewart visits a Pennsylvania farm family that’s been recognized for its agricultural efforts on a farm dating back to the 19th century. Jason Shoultz helps Iowa farm families celebrate their heritage and reflect on challenges they face in working the land. Sarah Gardner meets a special woman in Texas whose work gives feral cats at new home in rural areas.

Episode 518
A bakery in Egypt churning out thousands of loaves of bread a day, a California hair stylist using the hottest new product on the market and a Moroccan farmer changing the way he raises his cattle. Yes, they are all connected to American farming! In a special episode, reporter Jason Shoultz takes you to Egypt and Morocco to see how American grain products are helping ease hunger overseas.

Episode 519
Akiba Howard travels to Colorado and New Mexico to meet Michael Martin Murphey. His America's Heartland title song reflects his concern about the challenges facing American farmers. Jason Shoultz discovers how research in Georgia is working to face the challenges of water shortages. Rob Stewart takes us to Alabama to see how research at the world’s oldest cotton research plot helps farmers. John Lobertini visits a young Missouri couple who left city life behind to start a new life in making wine.

Episode 520
Akiba Howard heads for a harvest of potatoes in Colorado and discovers how they make their way from farm to table. John Lobertini shares how urban gardens in Kansas City work to help consumers eat better and learn about agriculture. Rob Stewart meets an Alabama farm family that overcame devastating challenges and became an award winning operation. Jason Shoultz finds a Florida family where sustainable farming practices have been very successful.

Episode 521
Host Jason Shoultz explores the many uses for soybeans in a fun and informative journey from rural Iowa to the city streets of San Francisco. Viewers will learn about efforts to grow the market for soy-biodiesel fuel, learn about industrial products made from soy oil, and hear from a leading soybean researcher at Iowa State University. Jason also explores the popularity of soy-based foods in San Francisco’s Japan Town and even visits a beauty-product store selling soy-based lotions and cleansers.

Episode 522
Sarah Gardner visits a Michigan farm where the family works together to ensure their produce will make its way fresh from the farm to your fork. We visit a Maine farmer who has been discovering ways in making seaweed more palatable to a wider audience. Ted and Julia Wycall are new to farming, but their desire to raise particular produce and sell directly to consumers has given them a new direction in life. This young Maryland couple has joined with others in giving new life to their old family farm. It's a trend you'll find at high end restaurants across the U.S.; chefs using fresh locally grown ingredients in their gourmet dishes.