Season 12
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Episode 1201
Head south for a harvest of crawfish in Louisiana. Sample exotic recipes made with endive, "working dogs" look for dangerous plant pests and celebrate a special anniversary as an Ohio farm family marks two hundred years of working their land.

Episode 1202
See how Wisconsin's "Farm to School" program benefits students. Arizona plans to turn algae into livestock feed. Join the trek to California's asparagus fields just in time for the harvest. Serve yourself to a helping of history on sweet potatoes.

Episode 1203
Spend sun up to sundown with a hard-working Kansas farm family. The Brunkow family raises cattle and farms corn, soybeans and other crops on their property just outside of Westmoreland, Kansas.

Episode 1204
Wyoming goats are essential to a cattle ranching operation. Sweet harvest of sugarcane in Louisiana. Travel back in time to find out about George Washington, the farmer and discover why Bok Choy should be a vegetable on your dinner table.

Episode 1205
Saddle up for a rodeo riding school in Montana. Visit a California farm community pulling together to save pollinating honeybees. An Arkansas rancher rounds up a large and growing herd of buffalo.

Episode 1206
Washington farmers deliver a big, sweet, cherry harvest. Harvesting these Georgia watermelons is a BIG deal. Are those baby carrots really baby carrots? A Michigan farmer saves energy and the environment growing under glass.

Episode 1207
Northern California ranch saves wild mustangs. The Padlock Cattle Ranch welcomes urban visitors. Customers pick the fruit at Michigan’s Westview Orchards. Unusual Kansas agritourism attractions. Shearer Hill Farm offers unique vacation opportunity.

Episode 1208
Examine the smartphone's potential for farming in third-world nations. Then, explore the story of how soybeans became a prevalent part of our diet and travel to California to harvest a glowing white crop of salt.

Episode 1209
Find out where California rice farmers have found a market for Japanese-style sake. Then, discover how Cleopatra and pickles connect to beauty and how an Indiana man breathes life into historic windmills.

Episode 1210
We follow a California cattle rancher as he leads his last cattle drive before handing the family ranch over to the next generation. As the family faces an uncertain future, so does their small town of Likely, California.

Episode 1211
A program helps farmers with disabilities keep working their land, folks visit at a unique farm museum in New York City, Hmong immigrants find new agricultural opportunities in the U.S, and farm families preserve their community's historic churches.

Episode 1212
Montana family finds success with farming and fishing. An Arkansas family has a passion for exceptional produce. A Wyoming family preserves their multigenerational ranch, and a New England program delivers seafood direct to consumers.

Episode 1213
Saddle up for an Old West cattle drive in Utah. We hit the dusty trail and meet an extended ranch family who's been driving cattle to summer grazing grounds for generations. It's an experience available to city slickers too.

Episode 1214
Host Jason Shoultz explores the many uses for soybeans in a fun and informative journey from rural Iowa to the city streets of San Francisco on this special edition of America's Heartland.

Episode 1215
We travel to Minnesota to get a first-hand look at the sugar beet industry in action. Learn how farmers in the region work together and around the clock to transform sugar beets fresh from the fields into the sugar products.

Episode 1216
Traverse the golden plains and purple mountains majesty as this special edition takes you to our favorite heartland estinations. It's the scenic wonders that draw travelers back, and you'll uncover people, places, and scenery to check off your list.

Episode 1217
Farmers respond to changes in getting eggs from the farm to your table. Oklahoma farmers take an unusual path to get crops to market. Hawaii farmers educate visitors about agriculture. A Wisconsin farmer has shows off his woodworking skills.

Episode 1218
Chicago Hotel Restaurant sources food from local farmers. A businesswoman improves her farming community with a botanical garden. Researchers work to save the honeybee. Chef Sharon Profis makes some sweet dishes and we meet a Northern California urban Farmer.

Episode 1219
Reporter Rob Stewart heads for the Big Sky country of Montana and the Padlock Cattle Ranch. It's a huge ranching operation that also welcomes tourists. Reporter Yolanda Vazquez is in Tennessee where an award winning farm family works together to bring in a harvest of hay. Reporter Jason Shoultz travels to the community where Oregon's famous Tillamook cheese is made. He discovers that while dairy is king in this neighborhood, a lot of youngsters still don't know much about farming. Reporter John Lobertini discovers an "underground" harvest in a Utah Salt Mine.

Episode 1220
Reporter Jason Shoultz visits the Adams Cattle Ranch in Florida where the family patriarch, 82 year old Bud Adams, is celebrated for his wildlife photographs as well as his prime cattle. Reporter Sarah Gardner visits an unusual farming operation in Ohio where state prison inmates play a major role in bringing crops and cattle to market. Reporter Akiba Howard visits a century old citrus operation in California's central valley where four generations harvest citrus from 125 thousand trees! Reporter Yolanda Vazquez takes us to Tennessee where a hobby that started with raising goats has now turned into an award winning artisanal cheese business.