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The world of American farmers, circa 1850. As they powered the economic engine that opened a continent, they were all but despised by the nation they fed. In the new halls of money and power, the farmer had neither. Enter Oliver H. Kelley, son of a Boston tailor. He built a farm on the Minnesota frontier and that grim world changed forever.



Want to know more?
The Oliver H. Kelley Farm is located just outside Elk River, Minnesota. Events are held year ‘round including a "winter on the farm" exhibit. For more information, go to the Minnesota Historical Society site at www.mnhs.org/places/sites/ohkf

To find out more about the National Grange (which has evolved into an advocacy organization based in Washington, D.C.), go to www.nationalgrange.org

Minnesota is called the "land of a thousand lakes" but there’s so much more to do than fishing, boating, and relaxing on the water. For all that Minnesota offers travelers, go to www.exploreminnesota.com

Minnesota Farm Bureau
Minnesota Department of Agriculture

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