Episode 1102  
  • New Mexico Pastured Poultry New Mexico Pastured Poultry Farmer Tom Delehanty and his wife Tracey have constructed large, cloth-covered and flexible pens that they move about their fields to provide feed for their chickens, turkeys and ducks.
  • Montana Sheep Roundup Montana Sheep Roundup Come summer, John Helle and his crew will move thousands of sheep from one pasture area to another.
  • Louisiana Loyd Hall Plantation Louisiana Loyd Hall Plantation Farms, like personal fortunes, are often subject to the whims of fate. History treats some with kindness, others with callous disregard.
  • Illinois Aerospace Cattle Ranch Illinois Aerospace Cattle Ranch In addition to the grass fed cattle you’ll find on their ranch, you’ll also find a high-tech manufacturing operation

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