Episode 1114  
  • Florida Woman Wins Top Ranching Honors Florida Woman Wins Top Ranching Honors Sprawling across three counties in central Florida with over 6,000 heads of cattle on 30 thousand acres is the Lightsey Cattle Company.
  • Oregon Draft Horse Driving School Oregon Draft Horse Driving School American agriculture farmers are adaptable; they tailor their production to meet the demands of their crops and their farms. See how draft horses are still being used to drive and plow on this small farm.
  • California Desert Date Farming California Desert Date Farming Brian Brown farms an area on southern California on the edge of Death Valley. But Brian has a thirst for farming. A thirst he quenches by growing sweet, succulent dates in an orchard known as China Ranch.
  • Oregon’s Seven Brides Brewing Company Oregon’s Seven Brides Brewing Company Finding the right kind of hops is crucial to creating the flavor profile that sets your beer apart from others. And Seven Brides Brewing has a unique name that goes along with a unique brewing story.

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