In celebration of Earth Day, we thought we’d share some of our favorite stories about people we’ve met who are true environmental stewards. For them, it’s more than just good business – it’s what they believe in. View our very special Earth Day Webisode here!
  Watch individual segments from our Earth Day Webisode below!
Adam's Ranch Adam's Ranch
82-year-old Florida rancher Bud Adams is excited about cattle and conservation. The Adams Cattle Ranch is famous for its beef, but Bud is also well known as an award winning photographer. His work has captured life on the ranch as well as the dramatic environment in which he lives and works.
Carbon Capture Carbon Capture
Global warming is an issue that’s generated heated debate around the world. Now researchers at Kansas State University are proposing that those in agriculture could play a major role in reducing carbon emissions by expanding their use of “no-till” farming. View entire story here.

Harvest & Heritage Harvest & Heritage
Innovation is at the heart of modern agriculture. For one farm family in Washington State, innovation is also a part of how they view production in the total picture of “sustainable” agriculture. The Stemilt family is famous for its produce and for its practices that protect the environment. View entire story here.

Life Choices Life Choices
While Jen Johnson’s Ivy League education provides her with opportunities that could take her anywhere in the world, she’s chosen to continue her life as a cattle rancher. Working with the Nature Conservancy, Jen and her family have instituted changes on their Colorado ranch that are proving beneficial to the environment.