With farmland covering about half the state’s area and the combination of a long growing season, plentiful rainfall, and rich soils; Arkansas has emerged as a national leader in the production of cotton and soybeans.  Arkansas is also an important producer of cattle, hogs, chicken eggs, and turkeys and ranks among the leading states in the production of commercial broilers.  If you happen to be in Arkansas and enjoy the taste of spinach you may want to stop by the town of Alma; claimed to be Spinach Capital of the World.

Mississippi River Trail
Going with the Grain
Home & Harvest
Sweetness to the Soil
New Markets
A Fish Tale
Better Broilers
A Devastating Drought
Buffalo Rancher
Soybean Harvest
Carpenter’s Premium Produce


Top Five List
Top 5 Commodities
1. Broilers
2. Rice
3. Cotton
4. Soybeans
5. Cattle and Calves

Top 5 Ag Exports
1. Rice
2. Cotton and Linters
3. Pultry & products
4. Soybeans & products
5. Wheat & Products

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Arkansas Farm Bureau
Arkansas Agriculture Department

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