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Thanksgiving Webisode
Thanksgiving is a time when we focus on family, community, and food. So, we wanted to share some stories from our current season of America's Heartland that touch on all of these.

Farmers Feed FloridaFarmers Feed Florida
In a unique program to feed the hungry, farmers in Florida have joined forces with community groups getting food to those who need it. The program, called Farmers Feed Florida, works with regional food banks to harvest produce that might otherwise have gone to waste.

Farm to Fork: Sweet CornFarm to Fork: Sweet Corn
Chef Sharon Vaknin shares some recipe secrets that add extra flavor to one of America’s most popular vegetables. Sweet corn can be a treat when simply boiled in water. Sharon creates a mango and sweet corn salad and also serves up spicy corn fritters.

Cranberry Harvest Cranberry Harvest
Annie Walker says that cranberries are one of the most important fruits in America. The cranberry is a Native American plant and was growing here long before the first settlers arrived from Europe. Annie’s family tie to cranberries dates back before the American Revolution.

Buffalo RancherBuffalo Rancher
L.C. Ratchford has an unusual ranch with unusual livestock. The Arkansas rancher raises buffalo. Reporter Rob Stewart heads to the pasture with L.C. to get up close with these largest of North American land animals.

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