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Pixie Tangerines
Farmers near the coast of central California call it “Pixie Power!” While most farm crops have been around for thousands of years, this particular type of citrus wasn’t developed until well into the 20th Century. Today, Pixie Tangerines are grown in a special region of California’s Ojai Valley. And their production demands care from a unique community of citrus producers.
The cool days and warm nights of the Ojai Valley are perfect for citrus. Growers raise a variety of oranges and tangerines, but they’re most famous for “Pixies”, a very small tangerine variety that delivers unusually sweet fruit.  Jim Churchill and his wife moved to the valley in 1979 and discovered just a few trees growing the sweet tangerines.  Their enthusiasm for the fruit prompted the planting of acres and acres Pixie tangerine trees. The word on the fruit quickly spread throughout “foodie” fan groups. Today, Pixies are enjoyed across the country, but only in the late spring.  That’s because once harvested, the Pixies quickly sell out in shipments across the country.  
Citrus as Popular Produce
California and Florida are the big players in America’s citrus game. Florida alone claims millions of orange and grapefruit trees. Citrus is a healthy choice for consumers, high in vitamin C and a great source of fiber as well. By the way, the average American eats nearly 13 pounds of citrus fruit each year.

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