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Reporter John Lobertini takes us to Kansas where a ranching family markets an unusual brand of cattle. Jason Shoultz meets a Georgia farmer whose work puts produce on a significant number of tables in America. Sarah Gardner heads for Michigan and a family farming operation that gives city kids a view of country life. Rob Stewart takes us to California where rescued Mustang horses give city folks a connection to the country.

Colorful CattleColorful Cattle
Kansas has lots of beef "on the hoof". The Sunflower state is second only to Texas in raising American beef. One Kansas ranching family has been running cattle for more than a hundred years and they’ve discovered that changing the color of their cows means more money on the range.



A Passion For The LandA Passion For The Land
Ever wonder where those vegetables on your dinner plate come from? Well, one family farm in Georgia raises the produce that makes its way into hundreds of thousands of American homes. And these folks have found that meeting consumer demands depends on using the latest in food safety technology.


Fruitful EndeavorsFruitful Endeavors
Farms operated by women are a growing segment of American agriculture. The Westview Family Farm in Michigan has discovered that faming success also depends on making consumers aware of your products. They've done that by letting urban consumers come to the farm and pick their own produce.


A Ride Into HistoryA Ride Into History
Wild horses played a huge role in the development of farms and ranches on the American plains and the American West. The majority of America's wild horse population is gone now, but a very special ranch in northern California is home to wild mustangs whose bloodlines come from the country's equine history.


Harvesting Knowledge: KiwisHarvesting Knowledge: Kiwis
Everybody knows the health benefits of vitamin C, but what if you're not big on oranges or grapefruit? Why not try the fruit known by many names: the vine pear, the sunny peach, the hairy bush fruit, the Chinese gooseberry, or most pominently, the kiwi!


Fruitful EndeavorsOff the Shelf: Vinegar
The French hit the nail on the head when they named vinegar ("sour wine"). But is vinegar just good cabernet gone bad? Learn more about the many ways vinegar is produced and used.


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