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   Fresh produce isn’t the  first thing that comes to mind when you think of New York City, but Jason Shoultz discovers there’s an amazing number of farmers’ markets throughout its five  boroughs, offering fresh goods straight from nearby farms. It’s become a lifeline between urban dwellers and the farm.
   Whether you call them pioneers or entrepreneurs, there are plenty of folks in the heartland willing to try new things and others who hope to revive the success of those who’ve gone before. We found one South Carolina farmer who’s growing rice something that hasn’t been done commercially in the state for more than a century.
   Unlike the fledgling crop in South Carolina, Arkansas is the top rice-producing state in the nation.  And that’s where Pat McConahay found the biggest rice producer in the world. It’s a great example of efficient production and marketing success.
   When red  ink and waning fortunes threaten the family farm, most will try almost anything to stay in business. Take the case of a Connecticut farm family who may have found the secret to saving their 240-year old farm…in an ice cream recipe
   Finally, Pat travels to Ohio to discover a herd of perhaps one of the prettiest critters you’ll ever meet.  But are alpacas really a lucrative livestock business? Some people are ‘betting the farm’ that will be the case.


Big City Bounty Big City Bounty
Every week a quarter of a million New Yorkers get their food at one of more than three dozen farmers markets across the city. A non-profit organization called Greenmarket has been inviting regional farmers into the city since the 1970’s.  Meat, fish, and produce are king, but jams, jellies, homemade breads, and fresh flowers are just a few of the other homegrown offerings. 


Scented Harvest Scented Harvest
He’s getting headlines for bringing back a bit of South Carolina history. 18th-century aromatic rice.  It’s a crop that that made the state the first, and for a time the largest, rice producer in the U.S.


Going with the Grain Going with the Grain
While South Carolina’s rice crop is tiny, Arkansas leads the nation in rice production.  In fact, it’s home to the largest rice milling and marketing operation in the world: Riceland Foods.



Tulmeadow Farm Tulmeadow Farm
He’s tried everything from chickens to chutney. Through generations, it seems there aren’t many things Don Tuller’s family hasn’t produced to keep their Tulmeadow Farm in West Simsbury going.


Fabulous FleeceFabulous Fleece
Raising alpacas has proven to be profitable for Libby and Jerry Forstner, who with their sons Tripp and Tyler, run Magical Farms in Litchfield, Ohio. It’s one of the Heartland’s largest alpaca ranches.  
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