West Virginia
Due to West Virginia's rugged topography, the state is not well suited to agricultural production. Although around 80% of the state is commercial timberland. Logging operations can be found in every county, making the timber industry the largest agricultural industry in the state. West Virginia's leading farm commodities include beef cattle, broiler chickens, hay, dairy products, apples, corn, and turkeys. Broilers are the top agricultural commodity produced. About 10 million chickens are raised annually along the border. Over 80% of West Virginia's total agricultural production fall in the livestock products category, including the top five commodities produced in the state. The most important crop is hay, presumably to feed livestock.

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Down Home Cookin'
Forested Farms

Top Five Lists
Top 5 Commodities

1. Broilers
2. Cattle and calves
3. Turkeys
4. Hay
5. Chicken eggs

Top 5 Ag Exports
1. Poultry and products
2. Feeds and fodders
3. Other
4. Fruits and preparations
5. Soybeans and products

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State Agencies
West Virginia Farm Bureau
West Virginia Department of Agriculture

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