South Dakota
More then 90% of South Dakota’s land area was classified as farmland in the mid-90s. The state ranks top ten in the production of 25 agricultural commodities. Most of the crops are grown in the eastern half of the state, whereas the majority of livestock is raised in the western half. South Dakota prides itself as being home to the only tea plantation farm in the country. The state leads the nation in hay and oats, and ranks second among the states in production of rye, flaxseed, and sunflower seed. South Dakota is one of the few states that can claim to actually have more cattle than people.

The Corn Palace
A High-Tech Wheat Harvest
South Dakota’s Dairy Princess
Timber Harvesting

Top Five Lists
Top 5 Commodities

1. Corn
2. Cattle and calves
3. Soybeans
4. Wheat
5. Hogs

Top 5 Ag Exports
1. Soybeans and products
2. Feed grains and products
3. Wheat and products
4. Live animals and meat
5. Sunflower seed and oil

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State Agencies
South Dakota Farm Bureau
South Dakota Department of Agriculture

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