Iowa plays a large role in the nation’s agriculture. Partly due to its nice climate; the state has great crop growth and over 90% of the land is designated to agriculture. With these two contributing factors, Iowa is ranked as the third most productive agricultural state following California and Texas. The state is best known for its corn, and leads the nation in the production of corn. In fact, corn is grown in all counties of the state. Iowa is ranked second nationally in red meat production. The state leads the nation in hogs, producing about one fourth of the nation's pigs, by far exceeding the production of any other state.

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Iowa, Home to 20 Million Hogs!


Top Five Lists
Top 5 Commodities

1. Hogs
2. Corn
3. Soybeans
4. Cattle and calves
5. Dairy products

Top 5 Ag Exports
1. Soybeans and products
2. Feed grains and products
3. Live animals and meat
4. Foods and fodders
5. Poultry and products

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