There are close to 24,500 farms in Idaho, with over 144 commodities produced. The major products are potatoes, beef cattle, hay, wheat, milk, barley, and sugar beets. Not surprisingly, Idaho typically ranks first nationally in potato production. In fact, there is a region in the state known as Idaho's Banana Belt. Besides potatoes, Idaho's other main crop is wheat, ranking as the seventh major producer in the country. Due to its semiarid climate, more then 3.2 million acres of Idaho's farmland are irrigated. Livestock and livestock products account for over 35% of the annual agricultural income. In terms of livestock, Idaho's dairy cattle produce over 7 million pounds of milk each year.

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Top Five Lists
Top 5 Commodities

1. Dairy products
2. Cattle and calves
3. Potatoes
4. Wheat
5. Hay

Top 5 Ag Exports
1. Vegetables and preparations
2. Wheat and products
3. Feeds and fodders
4. Other
5. Dairy products

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