Connecticut has approximately 3,900 farms which encompass 360,000 acres. Close to 60% of the land area is in farmland, open space, and forest. The top crops are nursery and greenhouse products. Connecticut is best known for dairy and meat goats. The state is considered as one of the top five for oysters, and ranks first in egg laying poultry and density of horses. In just the New England region alone, Connecticut ranks first in: milk production per dairy cow, Christmas trees, pear production, tobacco acreage and value. The constitution state is home to several firsts, including: cattle branding, Eli Whitney invention of the cotton gin, and hamburgers.

One Town's Treasure
Tulmeadow Farm
Preserving Precious Resources
Cigar Tobacco Farm


Top Five Lists
Top 5 Commodities

1. Greenhouse/nursery
2. Dairy products
3. Chicken eggs
4. Aquaculture
5. Tobacco

Top 5 Ag Exports
1. Other
2. Tobacco
3. Dairy products
4. Poultry and products
5. Seeds

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State Agencies
Connecticut Farm Bureau
Connecticut Department of Agriculture

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