When it comes to agriculture California has been leading the country for more then 50 years. The agriculture industry generates close to 31.8 billion a year, more then any other state in the country. California’s success is based upon its moderate Mediterranean climate along with its fertile soils and diverse land resources, allowing year-round production of its more then 350 crops.  Besides having an ideal climate, the golden state also has a significant degree of irrigation to help maintain its valuable commodities. California leads the nation in the production of wine, with more than 90 percent of all U.S. wine produced in the golden state. If California were a nation it would be the fourth leading wine-producing country in the world.


American Basques
Cows in Space
Home Turf
Walnuts: Harvesting Good Health
Saving Permarin Mares
Abalone Harvest
Houses of Straw
The Desert Blooms
Harvesting H2O
Keep On Truckin'
Heirloom Grains
A Blooming Business
Colorful Caravan
The Lavender Farm
Say Cheese!
Dixon Ridge Farms
Veterinary Research UC Davis
Goin' For The Grain
Cal Expo Horse Stables
Sweet And Sour Success
USS Ronald Reagan Overview
Sweet & Sour
From Tree To Table
The Kids Are Alright
Petal Pushers
Rounding Up Rustlers
From Field to Sky
Vintner Ventures
A Ride Into History
Pixie Tangerines
A Woman Rancher Making a Difference
Building a Better Tomato
Cotton: From Field to Fabric
The Super Bowl of Agriculture
Sweet Sweet Strawberries
Urban Farming at the Great Park
A Ranching Family Celebrates Western Heritage
Egg Production
Farm to Fork: Avocados and Lemons
Going to Market
Art and Agriculture
Mahon Ranch
Egg Hunt for Preservation

Wild Horse Holiday
Owls Save Crops
Ripe Red Opportunities
Nuns and Olive Oil
Salt Harvest
Sushi and Sake
Sustainable Ranching
Canine Protection for Consumers
Asparagus Farming
Growing Beautiful Irises
Farm Link
Auctioneer Champions
Dairy Duel: California vs. Wisconsin
Farm to Fork: Versatile String Beans
Native Pollinators
Urban Mushroom Farm
Farm to Fork: Fish Dishes
Rice and Wildlife
California Tractor Days

Farm to Fork: Walnuts
Animal Welfare
Research Improves Crops
Farm to Fork: Dairy
Capay Organic Farm
Farm to Fork: Trout
Farm Academy
Farm to Fork: Apple Dishes
Farm to Fork: Chicken
Farm to Fork Program
Farm to Fork: Eggs
Cold House Vodka
Farm to Fork: Potatoes
Farm to Fork: Roast Pork with Strawberry Sauce
Bacon-wrapped BACON MANia!
High School Farm Studies
Climate Change in California
Oakland Urban Farm
Veterans become Farmers
William Randolph Heart Ranch
Montna Rice Farm
Farming in The City
Hardwood Heirloom Furniture
Horse and Carriage Outings
A Likely Story


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State Agencies
California Farm Bureau Federation
California Department of Food and Agriculture


Top Five Lists
Top 5 Commodities

1. Dairy products
2. Greenhouse/nursery
3. Grapes
4. Almonds
5. Lettuce

Top 5 Ag Exports
1. Vegetables and prparatons
2. Tree nuts
3. Fruits and Preparations
4. Other
5. Dairy Products

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