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Grilled Corn
Simply take ears of fresh sweet corn (we prefer a white corn variety such as “Silver Queen” over most yellow varieties). Cut the silk off the top but leave the husks intact. Soak the corn in a large vat of water for at least a half hour. Put the corn on a barbeque grill and “steam/grill” for about 45 minutes over low-to-medium heat. Occasionally turn the ears to cook evenly. Once you take the corn off the grill be very careful when you peel off the husks. The corn will be steaming hot! Use good oven mitts to avoid burning yourself.

While we prefer grilled corn in its natural state, with no salt and no butter, some people like to steam the corn in a rub of herbs and spices. The husks are gently separated from the cob in order to apply the rub and then resealed.

Grilled corn is a good accompaniment to grilled meat, poultry, and fish. You might complete the meal with whole grilled red bell peppers. Again, you don’t have to add anything to the peppers. Just wash them off, set on the hot grill (low/medium heat), turn once the skin turns black, and serve once they’re evenly “toasted”. We eat them, seeds and all, but some of you may prefer to cut them open and get rid of the seeds.