Season 6
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Episode 601
A Virginia cattle rancher takes new environmental directions to protect rural waterways. Rice farmers in Louisiana answer the call for humanitarian aid at home and abroad. California citrus growers develop new markets for a unique kind of fruit. Surprising facts about the connection between cotton and cash. Farmers in Hawaii find success in growing Kona coffee beans just like fine wine grapes.

Episode 602
Georgia farmers discover that peanuts provide a budget boon to recession weary consumers. Farm stay vacations provide a new cash crop for Vermont farmers offering “rural resorts”. Off the Shelf...your complete primer on lettuce. It’s just dirt, but soil research in California and Pennsylvania is critical to protecting America’s farmland. Kernels on that ear of corn deliver much more than just good eating for consumers.
A North Carolina grower finds new opportunities in using “sea oats” to save the state’s beaches.

Episode 603
A Kentucky corn farmer battles a debilitating disease to keep his operation going. A woman rancher in California saddles up to promote American beef to consumers. Hawaii's palm trees provide a new and unusual crop and it's not cocoanuts. Everything you ever wanted to know about beets including their unusual connection to pizza. Louisiana farmers raise sugarcane that becomes an historic New Orleans beverage.

Episode 604
Tabasco is the best known hot sauce in the world! The secret to its spicy success. North Carolina farmers take a high tech approach to raising new crops and finding new markets via the internet. Think you know everything about pasta? Discover the story behind that spaghetti you take off the shelf. Farmers in the Southeast discover a new harvest in catfish as well as corn. University researchers and California farmers team up to build a better tomato.

Episode 605
Getting kids to eat better! A "Farm to School" program connects producers and pupils. Fish farmers in Hawaii use computers and ancient ocean water to bring in a harvest of abalone. Everything you ever wanted to know about antioxidants in some "Fast Facts about Food". California growers try some new techniques to deliver ripe, red strawberries. Consumers harvest some knowledge about the ancient spice, ginger. Louisiana farmers go back to school to learn how to stay safe on all terrain vehicles.

Episode 606
A young Kentucky farmer overcomes blindness to become an award winning cattleman. It’s probably your favorite fabric! California cotton growers bring in a soft and snowy harvest. Orange juice for breakfast? That’s just one kind of citrus that consumers pull off the shelf. North Carolina farmers find new ways to harvest energy savings and benefit the environment. The history of onions includes a promise of eternal life. Two Nebraska women develop a unique website encouraging others to "get back to the land."

Episode 607
South Dakota farmers keep an eye on the sky as they bring in a harvest of wheat for our dinner tables. Nationally known Chef Dave Lieberman cooks up an adventure on a unique produce farm in Utah. Olive or Canola? Some fast facts about nutrition in the oils you use. Call it the Superbowl of ag equipment! The biggest and best in farm equipment and inventions at the Ag Expo. If you like potatoes on your dinner plate, you may want to thank Thomas Jefferson. A unique ranch in Kentucky provides a retirement home for some equine superstars.

Episode 608
Buses powered by soybean oil. A Minnesota farm family brings in large crops of roses. Discovering the difference when it comes to reaching for cheese on the supermarket shelf. They’re man’s best friend and essential labor on farms and ranches. Working dogs! The strange story behind the history of artichokes.

Episode 609
Many of us have home gardens that allow us to enjoy fresh and easily-accessible fruits and vegetables. America’s First Family is no exception. The Obama family, with the help of the U.S. Park Service and many volunteers, has continued the tradition of a White House kitchen garden stretching back to the days of President Thomas Jefferson. Nationally known chef Dave Lieberman discovers a farm family in northern Illinois that’s become famous for raising crops dating back to our earliest agricultural history. First Lady Michelle Obama takes our Jason Shoultz on a more detailed tour of the White House kitchen garden, and they encounter an amazing array of crops. Stressed out? Some nutritional fast facts about food that just may help.

Episode 610
A special program called AgrAbility helps farmers with disabilities keep working their land. New Yorkers head for Queens to spend time at a unique farm museum. The farm fields of their Laotian homeland are thousands of miles distant, but many Hmong immigrants are finding new agricultural opportunities here in the U.S. Looking for something different for dinner, consumers find that rice is nice. Pound for pound, watermelon is America's most popular melon. Farm families in North Dakota work to preserve their community's historic churches.

Episode 611
In this special episode, reporter Jason Shoultz saddles up for an Old West cattle drive in Utah. Join him on the dusty trail where he meets an extended ranch family who's been driving cattle to summer grazing grounds for generations. It's an experience available to city slickers too: the family welcomes guests to experience this real-life western adventure.

Episode 612
A New York family keeps an apple orchard tradition alive. Chef Dave Lieberman discovers unusual produce in Utah’s high country. Researchers in Louisiana find new ways to protect essential honeybee populations. A California ranch family works to educate the public on our western heritage.

Episode 613
An Idaho farm develops new varieties of potatoes. An Illinois veterinarian focuses on helping horses in the city. North Dakota farmers work with researchers to develop consumer choices from bean crops. A Wisconsin farmer mixes dairy with a career in demolition derby driving.

Episode 614
Wisconsin dairy farmers develop new cheese choices for consumers. North Carolina hog farmers work with educators to meet environmental changes for hog waste. Looking to buy a larger home, a New York family finds themselves in the produce business. Nebraska may be known for corn, but these Nebraska farmers are focused on vines and wines.

Episode 615
Idaho farmers use high tech produce tracking to protect food safety. A Minnesota man keeps home dairy delivery alive. Chef Dave Lieberman visits Trappist monks raising unique mushroom varieties. Oklahoma farm families turn to one of a kind shelters to protect them from rural storms.

Episode 616
An Idaho family finds success in raising award winning sheep. Kentucky farmers answer the call for specific corn products to make Kentucky bourbon. Oklahoma farmers find new success with sesame seeds. She’s all about promoting dairy. You’ll meet South Dakota’s Dairy Princess.

Episode 617
It’s all about cotton on this special episode of America’s Heartland. Cotton - It’s more than just a fabric. Think cattle feed. And for one spot in Texas it’s also cotton, chicken and catfish.

Episode 618
Researchers in Colorado protect source material for farming at the National Seed Bank. Chef Dave Lieberman cooks up special dishes with a unique variety of South Carolina rice. Idaho farm family members work together to get in a crop of barley destined for brewing beer. North Dakota researchers work with farmers to create a better sunflower seed for snack foods.

Episode 619
It’s no small farm. An Idaho dairy milks twenty thousand cows a day! Chef Dave Lieberman explores the culinary history of African American Gulla Grub. An award winning North Carolina farmer keeps a family farming tradition alive. It’s a city where American farm crops create great American Beer: Milwaukee.

Episode 620
Oklahoma farm communities face health challenges with rescues by rural air evacuations. An Idaho farm woman finds a future raising elk. A Nebraska farm family discovers that dietary concerns are creating demand for their sorghum crop. A Minnesota farmer takes an educational approach to save the environment. It’s “Sewer man”.

Episode 621
In this special episode, reporters Jason Shoultz and Sarah Gardner travel to Minnesota to get a first-hand look at the sugar beet industry in action. We’ll learn how farmers in the region work together and around the clock to transform sugar beets fresh from the fields into the sugar products we find in our pantries.

Episode 622
American farmers respond to calls for changes in getting eggs from the farm to your table. Oklahoma farmers take an unusual path to get their crops to market. Farmers in Hawaii educate visitors and locals about agriculture and eating well. A Wisconsin farmer carves a niche for himself with unique woodworking skills.