Season 4
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Episode 401
Host Paul Ryan finds that “pleasant smells” sell at a California Lavender farm. Texas cotton farmers face some challenges from nature in getting in the crop. Reporter Sarah Gardner visits West Virginia where farmers harvest hardwoods on their land. Reporter Jason Shoultz meets a Minnesota artist who captures rural life on canvas.

Episode 402
Host Paul Ryan visits a California walnut grower turning shells into power for the farm. Reporter Jason Shoultz visits a Minnesota plant that generates electricity from poultry litter. Reporter Hena Cuevas takes us to a North Carolina company using soybeans to make furniture foam. Reporter Ron Hyde meets two California dairymen who have a new approach to selling cheese.

Episode 403
Host Paul Ryan learns about vet programs to treat horses at the University of California, Davis. Reporter Yolanda Vazquez meets a Massachusetts veterinarian to examine the shortage of large animal vets in the United States. Roswell, New Mexico is known for UFO sightings, but it adds "Sheep Capital of America" to its fame. And Reporter Jason Shoultz finds that Florida farmers benefit from bees and a special kind of honey.

Episode 404
Host Paul Ryan visits a California racetrack that uses solar panels to generate power to keep the horses cool. Reporter Jim Finnerty finds that Texas farmers make big profits harvesting wind power. Reporter Sarah Gardner says a new demand for rice is a boon for California rice growers. Reporter Hena Cuevas visits a North Carolina greenhouse where automation makes it easier to get the plants from the field to your patio.

Episode 405
Host Paul Ryan travels to Brunswick, Missouri to see how agri-tourism helps on farm family. A young Arizona ranch family welcomes new income from tourists and tree harvests. Reporter Yolanda Vazquez explores how "buying local" has benefited Rhode Island dairy farmers. Reporter Jason Shoultz sees how heartland hops and barley help a Minnesota brewery turn out distinctive lines of beer.

Episode 406
Host Paul Ryan visits a St. Louis area farm family whose farmers market changed their lives. Reporter Yolanda Vazquez finds a young teen who gets a start in farming with the help of his entire town. Reporter Jason Shoultz sees how Midwest dairy farmers work together to create sweet creamery butter. A New Mexico photo shoot gives new details to the "face" of American Agriculture.

Episode 407
Host Paul Ryan takes us to a one of a kind horseradish festival in Collinsville, Illinois. Reporter Jason Shoultz goes on a “hard shell” harvest for oysters in Florida. Reporter Jim Finnerty sees how a growing appetite for wine is changing farmland in Texas. Reporter Sarah Gardner visits a major lemon supplier in southern California.

Episode 408
Host Paul Ryan visits a Missouri farm family who's diversified their farm business to improve profits. An Illinois farmer find a challenge from nature as spring rains deliver too much water. Reporter Sarah Gardner visits California growers rebounding from wildfire and travels south to investigate the devastation of drought. Reporter Jason Shoultz sees how one weather firm tailors its forecasts for agriculture.

Episode 409
Host Paul Ryan learns about the history of agriculture at the National Agriculture Center & Hall of Fame in Kansas. Reporter Sarah Gardner looks at higher food prices creating new demands for wheat growers in Nebraska. Reporter Yolanda Vazquez travels to Kentucky where students use old world skills for modern horseshoeing needs. Reporter Jason Shoultz visits two Kansas farm communities that lay claim to famous art and the “Garden of Eden.”

Episode 410
Host Paul Ryan takes us to the Kansas City Farmers Market, a historic market that brings food direct from the farm to consumers. We visit with a young Illinois couple starting a farm career thanks to a growing demand for goats. Reporter Jason Shoultz travels to Wisconsin where cheese makers are finding new demand for unusual flavors. Reporter Sarah Gardner takes us to Vermont where one farmer brings local food from the field to his very unusual diner.

Episode 411
Host Paul Ryan visits the Henry A Wallace Country Life Center in Orient, Iowa. Wallace was an innovator who furthered the goals of agriculture in America. Reporter Sarah Gardner looks at farming practices that improve America's air quality by capturing Carbon Dioxide and placing it in the soil. Reporter Jason Shoultz visits an organic farm in Florida working hard to support community agriculture. Reporter Yolanda Vazquez travels to Kentucky where a new research project is assessing how goats can be used to eradicate a noxious weed found all across the South.

Episode 412
On this special edition of America’s Heartland host Paul Ryan is on board the USS Ronald Reagan to find out how the harvest from the heartland is serving those who serve us. See first hand, the hard work that goes into fulfilling the 6,000 personnel’s hearty appetites each and every day.

Then Paul meets the men and women onboard who have their roots and values buried deep in the heartland. They come from the ranches, the farms and the small farming communities throughout the country. One such sailor is Toby Snowden. We follow Toby home on leave to the small farming town of Mattoon in central Illinois. Toby, along with his family, gives us a first hand look of the life he yearns to go back to once he retires from the Navy.  

Episode 413
Host Paul Ryan visits the Reading Terminal in Philadelphia where farm produce and locally produced goods make their way to consumers in the city. Then Paul heads for Clarence, Missouri to visit a high tech hog farm. Reporter Sarah Gardner tells the story of Bob Evans, a farmer turned entrepreneur whose country sausage created a restaurant chain and made him a household name. Then reporter Jason Shoultz travels to Chaska, Minnesota which is home to a unique pickle packing operation.

Episode 414
Host Paul Ryan learns about farming in Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Reporter Sarah Gardner visits an Oregon farm whose specialized seeds are used by farmers and growers across the country. Reporter Jason Shoultz travels to Wisconsin where a growing market for exotic poultry is spelling success for a pheasant farming operation. Reporter Akiba Howard has the story of draft horses taking to the field for farm work in Texas.

Episode 415
Host Paul Ryan learns about cheese making at a one of a kind sheep dairy in New Jersey. Reporter Jason Shoultz goes on a watery harvest for clams off the Gulf Coast of Florida. Reporter Ron Hyde finds out how citrus research is developing flavorful new varieties at a growing operation in Central California. Reporter Yolanda Vazquez travels to Rhode Island where sheep ranchers have found a way to market their wool to local consumers.

Episode 416
Host Paul Ryan discovers urban farming on the rooftops and in the gardens of New York City. Reporter Sarah Gardner meets an Oregon rancher whose been successful in breeding his own stock and in competing on the national rodeo circuit. Reporter Hena Cuevas finds out that many urban dwellers are searching for their on piece of the Heartland and becoming “RuralPolitans.” Reporter Jason Shoultz travels to Long Island where multigenerational families are working farms that date back centuries.

Episode 417
The road to some creative uses for corn starts here in Nebraska on Alan Tiemann’s farm. It’s a journey that takes this commodity halfway around the world. The first stop on this agricultural journey takes us to Taiwan. A country of some 23 million people, Taiwan is one of the foreign markets where American grain products play an important role in the economy. The world’s most populous country is a potentially big market for U.S. agricultural goods. As China tries her hand at some forms of capitalism, the availability of U.S. commodities is important in creating new products and in feeding this huge nation.

Episode 418
Host Paul Ryan learns about farm machinery at the Central Washington Farm Expo. Then Paul visits with a New Mexico family for whom the ranching lifestyle is important in a changing agricultural landscape and whose farm dates back more than a century. Reporter Jason Shoultz travels to New York City where urban dwellers are supporting local farmers providing "fresh from the farm" produce. Reporter Sarah Gardner meets an Oregon family that's bringing consumers right to the fields to insure their produce is "fresh".

Episode 419
Host Paul Ryan learns about fresh seafood at Seattle’s Pike Place Market.  Reporter Jason Shoultz learns about efforts to protect the fisheries in Long Island Sound. Reporter Yolanda Vazquez meets a Kentucky family who left the city behind to start a mushroom farming operation. Reporter Jim Finnerty heads for the Lone Star State. Texas is America’s #1 cotton producer and research there is looking to improve how the fiber is used in clothing.

Episode 420
Host Paul Ryan travels to Colorado to learn about livestock.  Reporter Craig Miller explores a movement to improve watersheds and grassland in California. Reporter Sarah Gardner is in Oregon where a seafood company uses a unique approach to insuring that the catch is fresh.  Jason Shoultz travels to Wisconsin to learn about a very special winery.

Episode 421
Host Paul Ryan travels to Maine to visit an agricultural fair. Reporter Rob Stewart traces the heritage and growth of a cherry orchard in Washington. Paul visits a unique ranching couple and attends Food U in Arizona. Jason Shoultz travels to Wisconsin to find out what fine folks are feeding Fido.

Episode 422
Host Paul Ryan visits the Colorado State Fair to check out a growing interest in agriculture from city folks. Paul Ryan gets the lowdown on hops and beer in Washington State. Reporter Rob Stewart visits a bio-diesel lab at the University of New Hampshire. Jason Shoultz travels to Minnesota and Kansas where two rural communities both claim to have the largest “twine ball” in the world.