Season 14
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Episode 1401
Choose the fast-talking winners at America’s cattle auctioneer championships. Bring in a sweet harvest of Alabama watermelons. Discover why grains are playing a growing role in your diet and cook up some unusual recipes using bright red tomatoes.

Episode 1402
Head for some good eating at the National Cornbread Festival in Tennessee. Meet a Wisconsin teenager whose future lies in dairy farming, but whose hobby is demolition derby driving at rural county fairs. Chef Sharon Vaknin serves up tasty dishes using barley, and a small Iowa city pulls out all the stops for its annual town festival.

Episode 1403
Picking and packing sweet Georgia peaches. An Oregon brewery goes to the source for the right kinds of hops. A rural Tennessee community celebrates the heritage music of the mountain dulcimer.

Episode 1404
Haul in a harvest of tall timber in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Learn how to cook up some unusual blueberry recipes. Discover how the internet helped four young ladies begin farming and travel to Arizona where one farm specializes in raising cactus.

Episode 1405
Encounter a dairy farmer who says that his work as a veterinarian has a direct influence in delivering better milk to your breakfast table. Then, travel to Texas for a peachy dessert and visit the last family farm in an historic New England town.

Episode 1406
A group of young people just starting out in farming. They’ve gone back to school to learn all about agriculture at the California Farm Academy. Meet some young people handling farming chores daily right in the heart of Philadelphia’s inner city and a young Florida couple teaching others about organic farming with some hands-on lessons at their produce farm.

Episode 1407
Find out why some strange hen houses are key to improving poultry production for one New Mexico farmer. Haul in a catch of unusual fish recipes. Take to the field to see how California rice farmers are providing picture perfect opportunities for bird watchers.

Episode 1408
Acquaint yourself with youth participating in a Florida farm program that helps them face troubling life experiences. Then, find ideas for serving a colorful vegetable, and Kansas women introduce their farms and families through the internet.

Episode 1409
Sheep have been a mainstay of agriculture for thousands of years. We head for Arizona’s badlands on an unusual sheep drive. We head for Arizona’s badlands on an unusual sheep drive. Meet an Idaho family raising award winning sheep. Sarah tests her wool wrangling abilities at a Tennessee sheep shearing school and we’ll travel to Nevada where wooly white animals help prevent wildfires.

Episode 1410
Meet a Montana family finding success by combining farming and fishing. Haul in the harvest with an Arkansas family with a passion for exceptional produce. Meet a Wyoming family working hard to preserve a ranch that's been in their family for generations. Take to the ocean for a New England program that delivers seafood direct to consumers.

Episode 1411
America’s Heartland takes you to California’s olive groves to meet the growers and learn more about the processing of the green and golden liquid. We’ll also talk to the experts at the University of California-Davis whose olive oil research is giving consumers new information about claims concerning “virgin” olive oil, taste, and price.

Episode 1412
Rob Stewart finds a number of city folks who relish vacations on the farm, even helping to bring in the crops. Urban gardening programs in Kansas City help youngster to eat healthier. And a historic farm in the heart of Boston benefits consumers looking for fresh produce and youngsters who enjoy a rural vacation in the heart of the city.

Episode 1413
Fans of antique tractors gather to see them action once again. Discover how gluten free affects your diet and your health. Sharon Vaknin serves up some very special walnut recipes. Harvest some very hot chilis at one Arizona farm. Find out why sweet means different things when it comes to sugar.

Episode 1414
A Washington farm family ties environmental well-being to their winter wheat crop. Hydroponic farming helps produce ingredients for some tasty recipes. Find out how the right farm fresh foods can help your battle stress. A Michigan farm family finds success in raising sweet smelling and tasting mint.

Episode 1415
Take to the waters of Chesapeake Bay for a harvest of oysters. Open a carton of milk from an Ohio heritage dairy. Test your kitchen skills on some unusual beef recipes and sample the artwork created by farmer artists in California.

Episode 1416
Take in a tart harvest of cranberries from a historic New England farm. Answer the question: Which is best, canned, frozen or fresh? One woman finds success with an exotic mushroom farm in the heart of one California city.

Episode 1417
Reporter Sarah Gardner rounds up some Texas Longhorn cattle. These cows, however, aren’t in the Lone Star State. A Kansas Ranching family changes the color of their cattle to improve the brand. Law Enforcement officials in California work to stop modern day cattle rustlers. Rob Stewart travels to Idaho to meet a cattle ranching family that’s added Elk ranching to their rangeland.

Episode 1418
Learn about an Iowa crop that may exceed your expectations of corn and soybeans: wine. Then, a Tennessee couple explains their technique for producing rare cheese, and experience how one family in California goes the extra mile to stay on the land.

Episode 1419
Saddle up to see how Florida ranchers are saving a historic breed of cattle. Make your choices of popular produce at Alabama’s oldest farmers market. Test a new recipe for sweet and spicy corn fritters and discover how a farm school in New Mexico is helping residents in one economically disadvantaged community.

Episode 1420
A direct to consumer sales program brings success to a California organic Farm. A Nebraska farm family cashes in on a growing demand for gluten free flour made from sorghum. Stefanie Cruz explains just what gluten is and how it affects those with digestive disorders. And schoolchildren in Virginia help farmers succeed with a farm to school program that brings local products into the lunchroom.