Season 11

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Episode 1101
California rice farmer sells direct to consumers. A Virginia farm sets national record(s) for corn harvests. Farm to Fork turkey burgers. Wisconsin’s “Farm to School” program celebrates local crops as students learn to eat healthier.

Episode 1102
New Mexico poultry farmers use yurts to raise “free range” birds. Montana sheep ranchers move thousands of sheep to winter pasture. Louisiana’s Loyd Hall Plantation celebrates two centuries of farming. An Illinois farm mixes agriculture and aerospace parts production.

Episode 1103
Arizona farmers raise record crops in America’s “Winter Salad Bowl.” Farmers donate crops to Florida food programs. Farm to Fork cauliflower frittata. Montana farmers develop new crops to meet gluten free demands.

Episode 1104
A California farmer helps you raise exotic mushrooms at home. A New Mexico program for beginning farmers. Native American tribes bring in a wild rice harvest in Minnesota. Mississippi rural life is celebrated in blues music.

Episode 1105
An Ohio farm family sells to markets overseas. A young Virginian returns to his farming roots. Farm to Fork carrot soup. The “Big Apple” means produce success for a New York farm family.

Episode 1106
Arkansas soybeans make their way into dozens of products. Georgia farmers haul in a harvest of peanuts. Equine fans celebrate Tennessee “Mule Days.” It’s a field of spiny plants for Arizona cactus farmers.

Episode 1107
A California farmer finds success with sweet potato vodka. Iowa farmers turn their corn fields into vineyards. Farm to Fork Candied Orange Salad. Wisconsin’s “Sassy Cows Creamery” creates specialty dairy products.

Episode 1108
A Florida farm family delivers early season blueberries. Government research works to save our declining honeybee population. Pennsylvania’s “Barn Saver” keeps rural history alive - one board at a time. Tulip farming in Oregon.

Episode 1109
The growing popularity of Farm Stay vacations. Wisconsin farmers turn cattle waste into electricity. Farm to Fork Mushroom Pasta. A Nebraska farmer opens his land to artists seeking to draw rural inspiration in creating new works.

Episode 1110
Saddle up for a special Utah cattle drive. Three days on horseback bring city slickers and ranch hands together to move a cattle herd to summer pasture.

Episode 1111
A Colorado program helps veterans become farmers. A traveling school program encourages careers in agriculture. Students learn blacksmithing schools in Kentucky.

Episode 1112
Sustainable farm practices save water and energy at California wineries. A South Dakota family uses new technologies to bring their winter wheat to consumers. Efforts in Kansas to save historic prairie grass regions. Riding California’s high country with wild Mustangs.

Episode 1113
Country music star Rodney Dillard returns to his farming roots. Cowboy musician Michael Martin Murphey saddles up for a concert honoring farmers and ranchers. California farmers recreate an old time harvest.

Episode 1114
A successful Florida woman rancher’s work centers on cattle and conservation. Beginning farmers in Oregon take an “old school” approach in working their land with draft horses. A palm tree harvest at a California date ranch. It’s a farm to beer connection in Oregon.

Episode 1115
A New England family works to make a 300 year old farm successful. An Illinois farm family sees soybeans as critical to America’s overseas trade. A holiday drive jump starts a flower farm career for a California family.

Episode 1116
It’s milk bottling, race cars and baseball at a special Oregon Dairy. Traveling cows teach California students about agriculture. Maple sugar making at a historic New England farm community. Beekeepers harvest special “Tupelo Honey.”

Episode 1117
Learning new skills at sheep shearing school. California cattle ranchers work to save historic grasslands. Heaving lifting at a Georgia watermelon harvest.

Episode 1118
It’s all about olive oil! New techniques in raising a centuries old farm product. Olive oil producers compete for the best in show. Consumers learn about cooking correctly.

Episode 1119
Bringing buffalo back to Illinois grasslands. A California man’s hobby becomes a successful winemaking operation. Farm to Fork Rice main dish meals. A Minnesota company transforms farm fresh cucumbers into old time pickle favorites.

Episode 1120
A Florida ranch helps troubled youths find a better future. California farmers rush to deliver fresh seasonal asparagus. Iowa’s historic Amana Colonies continue a farming tradition. Discover how farm fresh sausage kicked off the Bob Evans Restaurants story.