California Tractor Days addthis
California Tractor Days
We'll take you to the “Best Show” in Northern California. It's an antique tractor celebration featuring the “Best Tractor Company” formed by C.L. Best in the 1800s. The tractor design uses track-tred instead of wheels. Aficionados gather to fire up steam engines and put the old machines to the test.

Farm equipment has made huge advancements over the last 100 years, but the biggest leap forward for agricultural practices was the invention of the tractor. We'll take you to Woodland, California where fans of a particular kind of tractor gather to see them in action once again. The Best Tractor Show includes a tractor parade, demonstrations and even a fifty-mule harvesting team!

Tractor - Fun Fact:
Tractors dramatically changed farming around the world. A century back, it would take a farmer with two horses more than 15 days to plow 40 acres. When tractors arrived on the scene, that same 40 acres could be plowed in a day. And remember that horses had to be fed, meaning some of the farmer’s tillable soil would be used to grow feed for the animals.

California Farm Bureau Federation
California Department of Food and Agriculture

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