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Urban Mushroom Farm
Mushrooms can add interesting flavors and textures to main dish meals. Roxana Walker was so fond of mushrooms that she began growing them at home. That hobby turned into a career when she discovered that others were interested in adding mushrooms to their meals as well.

Roxana’s Dragon Gourmet Mushrooms are grown, not on a farm, but in a darkened warehouse in the heart of Sacramento, California. Roxana and her crew grow the mushrooms in sawdust filled bags, keeping the bags in a high humidity atmosphere. The harvested mushrooms are sold at farmers markets all across northern California. The mushrooms are also a favorite for area chefs.


Mushrooms - Fun Fact:
Take your pick: There are several thousand varieties of mushrooms growing in the United States, but only a few hundred are thought to be safely edible. And a word about toadstools. The word was once used interchangeably by some cultures in identifying certain mushrooms. Today, the word toadstool is often used to describe examples of poisonous mushrooms.

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