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Native Pollinators
Mace Vaughn says unless we encourage native pollinators, consumers are going to see fewer food choices and higher prices. The conservationist is urging farmers and growers to add native plants to their growing areas in an effort to attract different bee species, butterflies, hummingbirds and other animals that can help in cross pollinating crops.

Traditional honeybee hives are facing threats from a condition called “Colony Collapse Disorder.” While its causes are still unclear, the disorder has killed millions of bees and adversely affected pollination of many fruit and vegetable crops.


Bees - Fun Fact:
If you’re wondering why honeybees make that “buzzing” sound, it’s because their wings are fluttering at more than 11 thousand times a minute. Their perception of visual movement is fast as, well, about six times that of human beings. Were bees to watch a movie, they would be able to differentiate individual frames being projected.

California Farm Bureau Federation
California Department of Food and Agriculture

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