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Farm School Chaparral
The residents of Chaparral, New Mexico have “gone back to school” and are converting their desert landscape to green and productive produce fields. With assistance from New Mexico State University, the community has begun planting extensive gardens.

The new program teaches the residents about farming, with details on irrigation, soil improvement, and the best kind of crops for their climate. The schooling not only allows residents to grow fruits and vegetables for their own needs, but provides them with additional produce that can be sold at local farmers markets.


Santa Fe - Fun Fact:
Sitting around seven thousand feet, New Mexico’s capital of Santa Fe is the highest state capital in the U.S. And while all states have a state bird or state flower, New Mexico also has a state question: “Red or Green?” The query invites you to select your choice of chiles to spice up your food in the Land of Enchantment.

New Mexico Farm Bureau
New Mexico Department of Agriculture

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