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Cracker Cattle
It’s a cattle breed dating back to Spanish explorers who brought the bovine to the sunny shores of Florida. “Cracker Cattle” almost disappeared from the Sunshine State, but a concerted effort to save the breed is now underway.

The short-horned cattle adapted well to the heat and humidity of Florida’s original scrub brush landscape. But cattle ranchers began replacing the breed with larger, more profitable animals. Today, a state program and private ranches are once again raising “cracker cattle.” How the breed got the name “Cracker Cattle” is an interesting story.


Cattle - Fun Fact:
Branding cattle didn’t start in the Old West. Early Egyptians were branding their livestock more than two thousand years ago. There are more than a billion cows in the world: India alone has some 300 million. And, just be glad that cows don’t drive! Cattle are red/green color blind.

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Florida Farm Bureau
Florida Department of Agriculture

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