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California Farm Link
Some people think the future of farming will depend on the internet. California Farm Link is an online meeting place where those starting out in farming can find land available to buy or lease. For four young ladies in northern California, that online connection made it possible to start their own produce operation.

Farm Link began several years ago when farmers looking to sell or lease were looking for a way to facilitate those transactions. Agricultural economists think that programs like Farm Link will benefit the transition of productive farm land from retiring farmers to a whole new generation of producers.


Fruits & Vegetables - Fun Fact:
Ever wonder which fruits and vegetables are the most popular in the produce section or at your farmers market? Potatoes, tomatoes and lettuce lead the list for vegetables. Bananas, apples, strawberries, grapes and oranges are the colorful choices in favorite fruits. And consumers are demanding more choices: In the 1970’s, the average produce department carried 150 items. Today that number is more than 400.

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