Growing Beautiful Irises addthis
Growing Beautiful Irises
Business is blooming at the Pleasants Valley Iris Farm. The Richard family will harvest more than 100,000 irises this season. Visitors from all across northern California make their way to the farm to buy irises in bloom and to order iris plants that they will later plant in their own yards.

The family didn’t start out to be iris farmers. Mark Richard was working in real estate when he saw the rural California property and bought it for his family. They began growing tulips and daffodils as a hobby, and discovered that irises grew well in the soil.

As their plantings expanded, so did their business. Today, the Richard children have joined their parents in working the colorful landscape.


Irises - Fun Fact:
Let’s give you a couple of colorful facts about Irises. There are hundreds of varieties worldwide, and you’ll find them grown from northern climes to arid desert regions. The plants have been used for centuries in making perfumes, and early societies also used iris roots for medicinal purposes.

Pleasants Valley Iris Farm
California Farm Bureau Federation
California Department of Food and Agriculture

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