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Oyster Farming
Oysters are the ultimate seafood dish for many diners. Oyster fishermen in the Chesapeake Bay are working to serve up exceptional oysters at the same time they help clean up the waters in the historic estuary.

The Choptank Oyster Company “farms” more than two million oysters a year- raising them in nets that float just below the water’s surface. As the hard shelled bivalves grow in size over a two year period, they ingest water from the bay and help to filter out harmful algae.


Oyster - Fun Fact:
Oysters, clams and mussels make up a significant share of America’s aquaculture production. But shellfish aren’t the only choice on the seafood platter. Catfish, shrimp and salmon are also popular products for fish farmers across the country.

Choptank Oyster Company
Virginia Farm Bureau
Virginia Department of Agriculture

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