America’s Winter Salad Bowl addthis
America’s Winter Salad Bowl
Set the table for a story on the lettuce you enjoy at home. Southwest Arizona has long been known as “America’s Winter Salad Bowl.” That’s because when the snowflakes are flying up north, the farms around Yuma, Arizona are bringing in a wide variety of lettuce shipped all across the country.

American farmers will produce one-quarter of the lettuce grown on Earth. But the green and leafy favorite is highly perishable. That means the challenge for growers here is to pick it, pack it, and get it to consumers.

Lettuce - Fun Fact:
They look nothing alike, but lettuce is actually a member of the sunflower family. And if iceberg lettuce is on your salad plate, you may be interested to know that before the 1920’s iceberg was better known as “crisp head” lettuce. The name change came when the round heads of lettuce were covered with crushed ice for shipping to eastern markets.

Arizona Department of Agriculture
Arizona Farm Bureau

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