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Creating Unique Artisan Cheeses
Karl Klessig believes in running his dairy the old-fashioned way. His cows aren’t fed in the barn, but move from pasture to pasture - feeding on grass. Karl says this method not only produces great tasting milk, but the cattle manure is a natural fertilizer. The family’s Saxon Homestead Creamery is known for their unique cheese products as well as their milk.

The family began creating artisan cheeses in 2007. Offering more than just standard cheddar blends, the Saxon Homestead Creamery tailors their cheese production to create specialty cheeses with European-influenced flavors. One distinctive note about their cheese wheels: the large cheese rounds have decorative edges not found on cheeses made by other creameries.


Saxon Homestead Creamery
Wisconsin Farm Bureau  Federation
Wisconsin Department of  Agriculture, Trade & Consumer  Protection

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