For many of us, the potato is a big part of our diet. The average American eats about 100 pounds of potatoes each year. Idaho is famous for its potatoes, and it’s one of the largest producers of the crop. We’ll discover the great deal of research and hard work that ultimately brings the spuds to your table.

Join us as we visit Potandon Produce in Idaho Falls, the largest marketer of fresh potatoes in North America. We discover one of the newest breeds of potatoes, the Klondike Rose. It’s red on the outside, yellow on the inside and highly nutritious. And, as we learned, it can be just as tasty when eaten raw.

Potatoes - Fun Fact:
We love our potatoes! Potato chips are the number one snack food in the world. If you’re concerned about calories, consider this: a baked potato has only 110 calories, but adding butter, cheese and sour cream can more than triple that number.

Potandon Produce
Idaho Farm Bureau
Idaho Department of Agriculture

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