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Horses once powered farm equipment all across the heartland. Today, they’re used for recreational purposes almost everywhere, even in urban areas. Keeping these noble animals healthy takes a lot of work and affection. Discover the talented experts who are taking excellent care of these members of the equine family.

There are millions of horses in the United States. While many equine doctors ply their trade in the rural areas of America’s heartland, there are others who establish their practices in the suburbs. We visit Spring Grove, Illinois, where Dr. Nicky Wessel, DVM. takes care of show horses and riding horses. We’ll learn that it’s a specialty that is very much in demand.

Horses - Fun Fact:
While an early species of horse once called the Americas home, they disappeared some 15 thousand years ago. It wasn’t until Spanish explorers arrived that horses were once again introduced to the continent. The horse family is a big one, with more than 350 breeds of horses and ponies worldwide.

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