Cotton: From Field to Fabric addthis
Cotton: From Field to Fabric
It’s a good bet something you’re wearing right now contains cotton. Cotton is the number one fabric in the world, and a good deal of the cotton for clothing is grown in the arid valleys of southern California. But long before cotton gets to your jeans, shirts or towels, it has to come from the field.

Jack Seiler and his son Ryan grow cotton near Blythe, California, carrying on a family farming tradition that goes back decades. Farming cotton is a tough job, and deciding when to pick is a delicate dance. Farmers must weigh the factors of sunshine, heat, and moisture, dodging seasonal rains that might adversely affect their harvest and yield. When the harvest finally begins, you quickly get a sense of the challenges facing cotton farmers.

Cotton - Fun Fact:
Cotton is a versatile fabric. It’s used in everything from clothing to car seats. Incidentally, a single bale of cotton can produce enough cloth for 12 hundred t-shirts.

California Farm Bureau Federation
California Department of Food and Agriculture

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