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Farm to School Program
Getting kids to eat healthier has grown more important as childhood obesity emerges as a national and even worldwide concern. In Virginia and across the U.S., new programs are underway to help kids eat healthier foods. A key element is showing youngsters the connection between farms and the food on their lunch and dinner tables.

The Harrisonburg, Virginia school district has begun a “Farm to School” program. The district buys produce from local farmers and growers in the area, and is incorporated into school breakfast and lunch programs. Not only are the students eating healthier food, they’re also learning about farming. That’s because the school district brings farmers into the classroom to share information about how food is grown.

Virginia Facts From the Past
There was an "old west" look to Virginia in the 1700’s. That’s because you could find a particular species of American bison roaming Virginia well into the 18th century. Some accounts suggest that these "wood buffaloes" may have migrated west through the Cumberland Gap into Kentucky as well.

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