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Tabasco is the best known hot sauce in the world! The secret to its spicy success. North Carolina farmers take a high tech approach to raising new crops and
finding new markets via the internet. Think you know everything about pasta? Discover the story behind that spaghetti you take off the shelf. Farmers in the Southeast discover a new harvest in catfish as well as corn. University researchers and California farmers team up to build a better tomato.

Tabasco & The Spice of Life
Looking to spice up your life? Well, one truly American condiment has been doing that for more than a century. We take you to Avery Island in Louisiana, where the world famous Tabasco sauce is made. We'll visit the Tabasco production facility for a rare glimpse into how one of America's favorite hot sauces is created.



Internet Farming
Computers and internet connectivity are essential for businesses these days, and that's just as true for farmers in the heartland. Technology that connects farmers and ranchers to consumers has become extremely important. We'll meet a woman from North Carolina who is using the web to increase crop sales and her bottom line.


Fish Farming
The word "aquaculture" may not be familiar to you, but if you hear "fish farming" you'd know what we're talking about. Across the country, fish farming has become an important way for farmers and ranchers to get an additional crop from their land. And in Virginia, it's also provided some new opportunities beyond a cash crop.


Building a Better Tomato
It's a good bet that you're consuming tomatoes in some way, shape or form on a regular basis, whether that pizza sauce, ketchup, pasta sauce or freshly diced tomatoes in your salad. Joe Rominger and his family have been raising tomatoes for generations, while working with researchers to build a better tomato.


Off the ShelfWorking the Land: Danita Cook, Fiber Scientist, University of California, Davis
Textiles are everywhere you look. Anything that is fiberous is considered a textile. Fiber, including wool, cotton, silk, hemp all come from agriculture.


Harvest knowledgeHarvesting Knowledge: Avocados
Served as a salad or as a dip like guacamole, what could better than an avocado?



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