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A Woman Rancher Making a Difference
Sheila Bowen spends a lot of time in the saddle. She oversees a large cattle ranch in central California. City folks might think ranching is a strictly male occupation, but all across the heartland women play a significant role in raising cattle and sheep. And, that’s only part of her job.

Sheila is also part of a group of women reaching out to schools and consumer groups about the importance of agriculture and cattle ranching in America. She says livestock ranchers promote green technology by utilizing renewable natural resources to feed the world. Her community service work has taken her all across the state, and earned her the title of "Cattlewoman of the Year."

Beef & Cattle Brands
Cattle Ranching in America pre-dates the republic. Mexican Vaqueros were herding cattle in the southwest as far back as the 16th century. When European settlers moved west, herds became larger to meet a growing demand for beef. And while we think about branding cattle as an American invention, it’s much older than that. In fact, Egyptians were branding cattle in the time of the pyramids.

California Farm Bureau Federation
California Department of Food and Agriculture

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