Harvesting Heart of Palm addthis
Harvesting Heart of Palm
For many of us, a well-stocked salad bar must include "heart of palm" as one of the essential ingredients for a perfect dinner salad. The firm and slightly salty vegetable needs special growing conditions, and one farm family in Hawaii has found success by evolving their operation to include palm production.

Lesley Hill and Michael Crowell met at the University of Hawaii, and decided on farming as their future. As pineapple and sugarcane production moved overseas, they decided that heart of palm could be a replacement crop that was good for the economy, as well as being a renewable resource to benefit other farmers in Hawaii. Today they produce 15 tons of heart of palm each year, with all of the harvesting done by hand.

Sand & Sandwiches
When it comes to island agriculture, Hawaii is a world leader in the production of Orchids and Macadamia nuts. And here’s a "foodie" fact for you: British explorers first named Hawaii the "Sandwich Islands" to honor the Earl of Sandwich after whom the sandwich also gets its name.

Wailea Agricultural Group
Hawaii Farm Bureau
Hawaii Department of Agriculture

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