The Dirty Truth About Soil addthis
The Dirty Truth About Soil
It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it! Conservation techniques have greatly changed the way we protect the environment. And that applies to an important element on farms and in our gardens. Topsoil is critical when you’re raising crops to feed the nation and the world. And while it may simply look like “dirt,” it’s a resource that science is working to improve.

Healthy soil is critical for healthy crops. Soil scientists are working hard to improve soil by learning how to make it more fertile, and researching its role in climate change. It’s a job that these scientists find surprisingly exciting and quite rewarding. It’s the hard and “dirty” work they do that strengthens the food chain we all rely on!


Dirt - Fun Fact:
Protecting agricultural soil has become more and more important. Some scientists say that it takes hundreds of years to create just one inch of new topsoil. Farming methods like “no till” help protect soil erosion from both water and wind.

Pennsylvania Farm Bureau
Pennsylvania Department of  Agriculture

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