Raising Rice Down South addthis
Raising Rice Down South
It’s definitely not your usual kind of farming! Louisiana farmer Christian Richard will harvest some six million pounds of rice this season, but he’ll also bring in a tasty crop of crawfish from the same fields. Louisiana rice is shipped around the world and is an important ingredient in humanitarian food efforts in Haiti and elsewhere.
Christian Richard is raising a crop that continues to expand in popularity in the United States thanks to a growing ethnic population as well as changes in food choices by consumers across the country.  Rice is an important crop in Louisiana. Interestingly, between the crop harvest and new plantings, rice fields will be flooded and farmers will raise crawfish on the very same land. Louisiana rice is sold and shipped around the globe. In recent years, Christian and other rice farmers have often risen to the call for humanitarian aid in areas devastated by natural disaster.  
Rice Fun Fact
Rice is grown in more than a hundred countries on every continent except Antarctica. Use plenty of water when you’re preparing rice. That’s because cooked rice will swell to more than three times its original size.

Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation
Louisiana Department of  Agriculture & Forestry

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