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Akiba Howard travels to Colorado and New Mexico to meet Michael Martin Murphey. His America's Heartland title song reflects his concern about the challenges facing American farmers. Jason Shoultz discovers how research in Georgia is working to face the challenges of water shortages. Rob Stewart takes us to Alabama to see how research at the world’s oldest cotton research plot helps farmers. John Lobertini visits a young Missouri couple who left city life behind to start a new life in making wine.

Living Close To The LandLiving Close To The Land
Michael Martin Murphey is a Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter who created and sings the "America's Heartland" theme song. He is also a vocal supporter of America's farmers and ranchers. We head for Colorado and New Mexico where his performances reach out to audiences in sharing the story of agriculture in America.



Water IssuesWater Issues
Water is a critical issue for everyone, from home gardeners to large scale farmers. But are we doing enough to use water wisely and protect this precious resource? We head for Georgia where new research is underway to more effectively utilize water for agriculture.


Historic FieldsHistoric Fields
Cotton is king for some farmers and consumers. It’s a crop that’s critical to agriculture and an important raw material used in everything from high fashion clothing to simply cotton pajamas. Well, one university in Alabama is looking to cotton’s future by focusing on research that started more than a century ago.


Young FarmersYoung Farmers
Jason and Colleen Gerke were like many other young urban couples until they decided to leave city life behind and take up farming. Today, the Missouri couple focuses on one of the world’s oldest crops in creating unique wines for consumers.


The Kids Are AlrightOff the Shelf: Sour Cream
What is it about the "sour" in sour cream that makes it taste so good? The term sour refers more to the production process of souring than it does to the mildly sour flavor.
The Kids Are AlrightHarvesting Knowledge: Honey
The ancient Egyptians used honey for more than 500 medicinal potions and even today, honey is recognized for certain anti-bacterial properties.

Historic FieldsAlong the Way: Sand Dunes
Visit Colorado's Great Sand Dunes National Park. Nestled against the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in the San Luis Valley. The dunes are the tallest in North America.


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