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John Lobertini discovers that harvesting lobsters from the waters off the coast of Maine requires some special talents. Rob Stewart visits a Pennsylvania farm family that’s been recognized for its agricultural efforts on a farm dating back to the 19th century. Jason Shoultz helps Iowa farm families celebrate their heritage and reflect on challenges they face in working the land. Sarah Gardner meets a special woman in Texas whose work gives feral cats at new home in rural areas.

Working The WaterWorking The Water
Just like any other agricultural endeavor, fishing involves a process that brings in a harvest that makes its way to your dinner table. On the coast of Maine, that harvest is lobsters. But there are new challenges in these waters. See how a small family on Swan's Island, Maine has stayed in business for eight generations.



Seasons Of ChangeSeasons Of Change
The Homan family knows a lot about getting milk from the dairy to your breakfast table. They've been working their Pennsylvania farm since 1906. Milking 75 dairy cows in frigid weather is no one's idea of a good time, but the Homans say farming is the best job in the world.


Pulling TogetherPulling Together
You're invited to a party in Waverly, Iowa! It’s an annual parade and fair, celebrating the importance of agriculture to communities all across the country. And here in Waverly, the residents have been marking the good and the challenging times for 150 years.


Working CatsWorking Cats
We head to Texas for a story about barn cats and a unique program benefitting farmers, ranchers and our feline friends. With 82 million cats in the United States, a large percentage of them are left abandoned and stray, see how some folks are working together to find these furry animals new homes and new jobs helping out in the heartland.


Pulling TogetherHarvesting Knowledge: Almonds
Almonds are botanically related to stone fruits such as cherries, plums, and peaches. Learn more about almonds and the history of almonds.


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