Episode 514 addthis
On this special episode, we see how Heartland food products figure in our vacation plans. Reporter Sarah Gardner sets sail on a Carnival cruise where food is as much an attraction as the scenery. Jason Shoultz takes us to a flight kitchen where millions of meals are prepared to enjoy Bon Appetit at 30 thousand feet. Akiba Howard jumps on board an Amtrak train from Los Angeles to Seattle and discovers heartland products on rail.

On this special edition of America's Heartland, we see how heartland food favorites are being enjoyed on cruise vacations, flights overseas and on long distance train trips across the United States. We start with cruising where sumptuous buffets and high end dining have helped the cruise industry welcome more than ten million people on board each year.



Then it's "Bon App├ętit at 30 thousand feet". Flight kitchens turning out thousands of meals for overseas airline trips to Europe and Asia are run with military precision. We'll show you why changing tastes and consumer demands affect the choice of foods placed on that in-flight dining tray.


And for those who like to see the country up-close and personal, an Amtrak long distance train trip can give you scenery and fine dining. Amtrak uses American farm and ranch products to provide interesting meals that often utilize specialties of the region.


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