Episode 513 addthis
Reporter Rob Stewart visits an inner city high school where the focus is all about farming. Yolanda Vazquez discovers a harvest from the sea at a Maryland Shrimp farming operation. Reporter Jason Shoultz finds some farmers doing it "old school" and going back to draft horses to handle their field work. Akiba Howard heads for Nebraska where one farmer whose agricultural efforts feed the soul as well as the body.

Urban AgricultureUrban Agriculture
You may be surprised to discover that one of farming's largest organizations is located in Philadelphia. The FFA chapter at W.B. Saul High School teaches inner city youngsters all about farming and brings new recruits to those planning careers in agriculture.



Water FarmingWater Farming
Do you like shrimp? It’s one of America's favorite seafood. We head to Maryland to meet some farmers hauling in a harvest of seafood, but the ocean has nothing to do with this story!


Taking The ReinsTaking The Reins
American agriculture farmers are adaptable; they tailor their production to meet the demands of their crops and their farms. For some farmers in Oregon, that means an "old school" approach to working the land.See how draft horses are still being used to drive and plow on this small farm.


Art FarmArt Farm
You often hear us talk about food for your table. Well, in the farm fields of eastern Nebraska, agricultural efforts also feed the creative soul on a one of a kind Art Farm.


Harvesting Knowledge: PeachesHarvesting Knowledge: Peaches
When it comes to sweet and juicy fruits, peaches are the pick for a lot of people. They are great right off the tree, or in a dessert like a in a cobbler. In some cultures they are not only tasty, but also significant.


Off the Shelf: YeastOff the Shelf: Yeast
Yeast is used in the fermentation process, and is found in many of the products you pull right off the shelf in your grocery store. Learn more about yeast and some culinary science.


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