Episode 512 addthis
Reporter Akiba Howard finds farmers using "Twitter" technology to spread the word on agriculture. Reporter Sarah Gardner discovers how research on consumer trends affects the foods you find in the supermarket. Reporter Yolanda Vazquez takes us to a Virginia farm where specialty produce meets consumer needs. Reporter John Lobertini takes us to a Kansas farm where the family uses agri-entertainment to teach city folks about farming.

How Tweet It IsHow Tweet It Is
Technology is changing the face of agriculture. See how social networking websites and tools such as Twitter and Facebook are helping farmers speak directly to consumers and fellow farmers. We visit Nebraska where farmers use Twitter to share their agricultural experiences with people all over the world.



A Focus On FoodA Focus On Food
What’s in the future for the food on your table? Arkansas' Tyson Foods Discovery Center explores new ways to use farmland commodities in dishes for homes and restaurants. The research here is a tasty approach to accommodating new taste demands from consumers.


Particular ProduceParticular Produce
The rolling hills and grasslands of Virginia produce grain, cattle, chickens and eggs, but travel to Powhatan and farmers Jo and Rob Pendergraph grow something different. Have you tried pineapple sage and chocolate mint? They're flavors in demand by local gourmet restaurants and people who want something very different in fresh produce.


Learning about agriculture can be fun! That’s the idea that a Kansas farm family developed as a way to bring city youngsters to the country. Their KC Pumpkin Patch features more than 40 attractions, farm animals, fall pumpkin displays and even air cannons that shoot pumpkins way out into the fields.


Particular ProduceHarvesting Knowledge: Chickens
Which came first? The chicken, or the egg? Nevertheless, chickens have been domesticated for thousands of years, and there are comparable amounts of chicken dish recipes.


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