Episode 511 addthis
Reporters Jason Shoultz and Sarah Gardner uncover all things Texas as they meet with baseball legend and rancher Nolan Ryan, find out how feral pigs are adversely affecting farm operations in the Lone Star State, and discover some unique farming operations facing challenges found in that part of the country.

10th Inning Changeup10th Inning Changeup
Nolan Ryan is a baseball legend with a record-breaking career that placed him in the Hall of Fame. Today, he's the president of the Texas Rangers ball club, but not many people know that he is also a very successful Texas cattle rancher. Ryan’s ranch raises prime beef cattle...some of which is sold at the Ranger's home games.



Agricultural Heavy HitterAgricultural Heavy Hitter
The "Lone Star" state is well known for cattle, but Texas also leads the nation in the production of cotton. Texas has become an agricultural powerhouse in the U.S. and much of what is raised here makes its way to your dinner table.


A Biting ProblemA Biting Problem
If you look closely at a beautiful Texas pasture, you can see a Texas sized problem that ranchers and farmers are dealing with all across this state. Fire ants!



Hog HuntHog Hunt
There's a creature that's proving to be quite destructive for Texas farmers and ranchers. At Charles Ackerman's farm the evidence is pretty clear: wild hogs digging up trouble!



Beneficial BatsBeneficial Bats
Texas is swarming with millions of bats. They may sound like a nuisance but, for many farmers and ranchers these winged creatures are a valuable asset in destroying millions of mosquitoes and other destructive insects which affect crops, livestock and humans.


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